Welcome to St. Mary's


People arrive at St. Mary's for many reasons

  • Some are on the verge of life altering events, such as considering marriage, giving birth to a child, or grappling with a sick relative.
  • Some are seeking serenity in a world that seems to move too briskly.
  • Some are embarking anew on a spiritual journey that was interrupted or postponed due to educational or professional pursuits.
  • Some are longing for a closer, deeper relationship with God.
  • Some are searching for ways to give back to the community, to do good works.

Whatever your reason, you are welcome here.

This website is intended as a window into the life of St. Mary's parish - a glimpse at some of the faces, voices, and programs that bring life and spiritual sustenance to this community and beyond. You will find information about our liturgical services, our music offerings, our childrens' programs, outreach ministries and more. What makes St. Mary's most special, however, resides outside these pages; it can be found in the particular warmth and energy of our parish.

We hope you will join us for Sunday services and that you will consider making St. Mary's your spiritual home.

May you find here, by the grace of God, that which feeds your soul.

Visit us. We are located at 2325 Union Street, at Steiner St. in San Francisco, California. Learn more about life at St. Mary's by simply filling out a 'Welcome' Card and leaving it with an usher! Cards are in the pew racks and on the welcome table. Ask questions of those wearing yellow nametags, our Welcome Committee members. Map

Once you have completed a Welcome Card and left it with us, we will send you an informational packet welcoming you to St Mary's.

To find out about our services and times, please look at our Schedule of Services

For weddings, baptisms, funerals call our office at 415-921-3665, so that we may put you in touch with someone who will talk with you about your questions and concerns. You can also download information for your wedding by clicking on Wedding Information.

Tour our web site. Suggested visits include:

St. Mary's Announcements
Adult Formation
Music at St. Mary's
Community Outreach


New Members at St. Mary's

The Rev. Scott E. Richardson, Rector

Mary and I were delighted to host the fall Newcomers Welcome at your rectory in mid-November. Belle McBride is the chair of the Welcome Committee and did a wonderful job of preparing the party. As often happens at events like this, people asked about the path to membership at Saint Mary's. That is actually a rather complicated question because people choose to enter at different levels. Here is the answer that I often give to help people find their way.

I really do mean it when I say that there is no such thing as a guest or a visitor at St. Mary’s – when you find your way into the building then you’ve found your way into the family. If you decide that you want to know more about the activities of the parish, it is wise to register to get on the mailing list and email distribution list. You can do that by calling the office at 415-921-3665 or by filling out the form on Sunday at the Welcome Table near the fish pond in the courtyard.

Pledging is another step forward. Most people find that making a financial commitment helps to concretize one’s sense of participation. The amount pledged is generally less significant than the act of pledging, and being a “giver of record” allows you to take your place as a voting member at our Annual Meeting. You can pledge at any time; the Stewardship season for the coming year is just wrapping up now and we would love to hear from you.

If you were previously a member of another Episcopal congregation, you might consider transferring your membership to St. Mary’s. There are forms for this that we will sign and send for you, as you provide direction.

Those who are ready to take the spiritual step of becoming an Episcopalian are encouraged to participate in the Rite of Confirmation. After a period of preparation, you can be presented to the bishop and s/he will prayerfully confirm the promises of your baptism with you. If you have previously been confirmed by a bishop from another denomination, then our bishop will receive you into this church. Those who have been previously confirmed by a bishop in the Episcopal Church are always welcome to renew their commitment to Christ by reaffirming the vows of their baptism. The preparation for each of these activities is the same and classes are scheduled for this spring.

Finally, let me add here that membership is not just a matter of paperwork or ritual action. You will be blessed to the extent that you participate in the life of the parish. Attend classes, join in our common meals and other activities, link up with a social group at the church, or find a way to be of service. We are very content to let you find your way forward and to do that at your own pace. We also know that those who engage in the opportunities that are presented experience a greater sense of belonging and a deeper sense of joy. Please feel free to be in touch if we can be of assistance in this regard.